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Rats and mice are known as rodents. They are dirty scavengers that come out at night to feed. Don’t let them to takeover your home and cause health problems. Call us today, we offer affordable and guaranteed rodent control services, that will get rid of your rat and mice problems fast.








Why Should You Get Rid of Rats and Mice Quickly?

When chilly autumn weather starts setting in rats and mice begin to look for a warm shelter. Rodents can feel the cold, and unfortunately your home is well suited to their needs. Rats and mice are prolific breeders and given suitable conditions they will populate quickly.

It is essential to act without delay.

Rodent control ought to be carried out as soon as you notice first notice the problem. Immediate action stops rats and mice from establishing themselves, and prevents them from becoming a serious health risk.


Signs you have mouse at your property

Scurrying in the roof, scratching in the ceiling, walls and under

under the floorboards are usually the very first signs of rodents

present. You may also find damaged food packages and scattered

droppings near feeding areas and around your home. Mice can be

found around homes and buildings. Usually, they swarm into properties

that have poor hygiene standards. Thus, the areas they often go to are

the garage, kitchen areas. Actually, anywhere they have places to hide

and food sources. In fact, they are more likely to seek shelter in houses

and structures during the cooler seasons.

In later stages of the infestation, dirty and dirty looking rub marks along the wall where rats and mice are running, will become more obvious. You will also notice burrows, gnawing marks and chewed out holes in gyprock walls or skirting boards, urine stains, squeaking sounds and bad odour.

Other signs that you have mice infestation:

  • Droppings.  So, they are about 5 mm long and rod-shaped droppings that indicate a feeding place or shelter

  • Damage to property. For example, fresh gnawing surfaces are rough, size of incisor teeth marks are about 1mm, chew up cables and increase the risk of fires

  • Spilled food from a ripped package.

  • Tracks marked with urine. Apparently, mice pass urine continuously and droppings

  • Nests. Usually the build nests in insulation or shredded material

  • Smell. They certainly have a distinct ‘stale’ odour

  • Footprints. Commonly on areas of mouse passing will be easily noted on dusty or muddy surfaces

  • Smear marks. These are marks of oil and dirt on areas that the mouse has crossed. For example, walls and pipes.

  • lastly, mouse pathways are clear of cobweb

Mouse Prevention

The critical point in preventing rats and mice establishing themselves in and around our homes, is deprivation of favourable conditions in which they can thrive. Rodents need food, water and shelter and a drastic reduction to these necessities will create an uninviting surrounding for these critters. In order to minimize the likelihood of a rodent infestation, ensure all garbage bins are closed and no food is left out overnight. Any opening that rats and mice can utilise as an entry must be repaired or proofed. Keep grass short and reduce overgrown areas in your garden. Unnecessary items and goods that may be kept around the house and yard should be removed.

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