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Raccoon removal in Toronto

Usually taking shelter in the attic, Raccoons are a general culprit to cause damage in that area. However, their damage isn't limited to the attic but they could cause damage in the surrounding areas too. They are notorious for making their way into residential trash and rubbish cans, tossing trash and garbage all over the place to find food. Not only do they make mess of the garbage but they also molest and annoy pets. More seriously, the Canadian Wildlife Federation reckons raccoons as the most dangerous animal to live in close vicinity to because they discharge Histoplasmosis spores in their excrement. According to Tanja Duscher, writing in Science Daily, that increasing abundance of racoons "has not only made them the most common carnivore species in some countries, but has also made them of interest to parasitologists as potential hosts for diseases". Histoplasmosis, which is an infectious fungus, cause bloody coughing, fevers and pains. Raccoons are also one of the largest known carriers of the rabies virus in Toronto, Ontario.

As professional raccoon removal company, Professional Pest Control Toronto, we have an 8 step process to tackle your raccoon problem

  1. Assess and inspect your property to find the point of entry i.e. How is the raccoon getting into the property?

  2. Track the animal and any signs of it’s den

  3. Assess the extent of the damage to the property, if any

  4. Throughly investigate the area for biological hazards such as fecal matter and urine called latrines

  5. Retrieve the animal safely in a non-harmful way, allowing it to resettle to its new den or nest site.

  6. After the animal is relocated, clean and disinfect affected area (sanitize, take away any biohazard, disinfect for pathogens, bacteria, germs and diseases)

  7. Repair any damage and prevent future re-entry or damage

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